Meeting 14 October 2020

7pm via Zoom


1.   Attendance/Apologies

Present: Jeff Stafford (JS), Raymond Randall (RR), Sheila Clarke, Liz Hawthorn (LH), Richard Cottam (RC, LBH Parks)

Brian Breeze (BB) tried to join meeting but was unable to.

Apologies for absence: None


2.   Minutes of previous meeting and matters arising

The minutes of the previous meeting (3 September 2020) were agreed after changing time of meeting from 8pm to 7pm.

Matters Arising:

To be covered in agenda.


3.   Chair’s/Vice Chair’s Report

JS and RC and park ranger met with Green Flag judges on Thursday 10 September 2020 in the park. It was a warm day and seemed to go well. JS thanked RC and ranger, Mick Greenslade, for their knowledge and enthusiasm when showing the judges round.


4.   Secretary’s Report

Nothing to report.


5.   Theft of 3 History Plaques

RR and LH met Dave Bender in the park 2 weeks ago and he informed us that 2 weeks earlier he had noticed 3 more plaques had been stolen;

9 – Battle Headquarters (a.k.a. Sunken Pillbox)

10 – BE2c

11 – Zeppelin

The original 3 stolen brass plaques will be replaced with brushed stainless steel plaques to see if these are less likely to be stolen and to replace the newly stolen plaques with laminated card versions for now.

RR and LH will fill and repaint the damaged posts first to save money on replacements.

RC to investigate if parks have a circular saw to cut damaged posts if repairs not successful.


6.   Nature booklet

Is almost ready to go to printers.

JS to talk to Jonathon Tahir at EWT about whether they would be willing to sell.

LH to send briefing note, contents and example pages to JS.

LH and RR to finalise booklet.


7.   Finance Report

At time of meeting:

Balance held £4,277.73

Of which £1,767.42 is reserved for Capital spend grants issued

This leaves a balance of unrestricted funds of £2,510.31

SC advised that a further £301.62 should be deducted from unrestricted funds and balance as this is owed to BB for 3 replacement plaques.


SC provided the details below as further explanation following the meeting

July balance £4,190.52 New Balance

Web site £103.07 £4,087.45

+ EWT payment for leaflets £35.00 £4,122.45

+ Claim settlement from Zurich £400.00 £4,522.45

Payment for Zurich insurance £244.72 £4,277.73

Replacement plaques £301.62 £3,976.11

Balance of unrestricted funds is £2,208.69

Capital spend grants is £1,767.42


8.   Havering Parks Officer’s Report

Green Flag – HCP was awarded Green Flag award. JC will decide where to place flag post for Green Award flag.

London in Bloom (desktop assessment) – HCP was awarded Gold Awards for Country Park and Conservation Area.

Parks, Street Care and Grounds Maintenance. – Cabinet has made the decision that these will stay in-house and no longer be going out to contract. Savings will still have to be made and a decision is awaited next year.

Fence line at Viewing Point – Green Flag judges mentioned that the fence line obstructed the view for people who were seated. Parks will look to make the top line higher but easier to see through.


9.   Working Party Report

No work parties have taken place due to current pandemic.

4/5 people have requested litter pickers – RR to distribute.

RC advised that you can go above 6 people for volunteering in parks but they must maintain social distancing.

Free Oak tree saplings have been offered by Extinction Rebellion - RC advised not to contact them as Parks are looking at planting en mass.


10.  Website and Communications Report

RR is updating website with information about the new interpretation boards, Green Flag and London in Bloom Awards.


11.  Other Business



Date of Next Meeting – To be arranged LH suggested that it is probably not necessary to hold monthly meetings at this time.