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The Planning appeal by Ingrebourne Valley Ltd, was heard on the 17th December 2015.  It was concluded by the Inspector of the Appeal Hearing, that there was insufficient time to hear all of the appellants, Havering Council and interested parties points of view.

The appeal hearing was adjourned to January 2016.  We then received an email from the Inspector of the appeal hearing, saying that he wanted more professional information from companies like the Environment Agency, Forestry Commission and others.

The Inspector of the appeal hearing has decided that the hearing will now go to an inquiry.  We have not been informed of the date of the inquiry, but we should hear the result soon after the inquiry has been held.

Ray Randall.


Friends of Ingrebourne Valley and Hornchurch Country Park.

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Roding, Beam and Ingrebourne Catchment Plan (RBI)

The Roding, Beam & Ingrebourne Catchment Partnership is a focused group of local stakeholders who are working together through a Catchment Based Approach (CaBA) to improve the rivers in the Roding, Beam & Ingrebourne Catchment and bring direct on-the-ground benefit to people and wildlife.  The Friends Group is just one of the members of this partnership.  This Catchment Plan sets out the required actions which will seek to improve the physical functioning and condition of the rivers and tributaries within the Roding, Beam & Ingrebourne Catchment, thus benefiting both wildlife and people.  To see the Catchment Plan and Vision Summary, go to our Documents tab and click on the links to see how you can help move this forward.

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How well do you know your drains?

It is very easy to make things disappear down the drain, but have you ever thought about where it all ends up? There is a common misconception that everything you pour or flush away at home ends up in a sewage treatment plant, but that isn’t quite how it works.  If your plumbing at home is incorrect, dirty water could be draining straight into your local river or beach.  As the property owner you are responsible for fixing any faulty drainage connections, even if these were in place prior to you owning the property.

If you do not fix your faulty drains, you’re directly affecting your local environment and could face a fine of up to...£50,000

Please see the leaflets on our Documents page for more information.

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Dear Friends,

At the AGM on Thursday 02/06/2016, Dave Cook stood down from being Chair of the Friends Group due to heavy work commitments.  Although he has stood down, we have asked him if he would like to stay on as a Committee member and he has said yes.  Jeff Stafford has now been sworn in as the new Chair, which was supported by the whole committee.

The Committee would like to thank Dave for all the hard work that he has done for the Friends Group over the last four years.  

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Phone Mast Latest Update 25/06/2016

Application referred to Planning Committee

The following application will be considered by the Council's Regulatory Services Committee in the Town Hall, Main Road, Romford at 7.30pm on 30th June 2016.

Application Number:   M0007.16  

Location:   St Georges Hospital(open space to the south), Adjacent to Suttons Lane, Hornchurch

Proposal:   Proposed installation of a 14m high monopole, accommodating 6No antennas and 2No transmission dishes; 4No equipment cabinets and 1No meter cabinet and ancillary development within a compound surrounded by a 1.8m high palisade fence

The Agenda for the meeting, which will include the officer's report and the recommended decision for this application, will be available at the meeting and also on the Council and Democracy pages of the Council's website prior to the meeting. The Committee meeting is open to the public and the Council allows one person to speak for two minutes in objection to the application. The objector must have pre-registered to speak to the committee and previously submitted an objection to the application.

Please note requests to speak at the meeting are registered on a 'first come first served basis' so if you are not the first person to register it is unlikely you will be able to speak to the committee. If you wish to register to speak to the committee please contact the Planning Team on 01708 433100 at least two days prior to the meeting.

The applicant or their agent are allowed two minutes to reply to the objector and their responses must be confined to the issues raised by the objector. They will not be allowed to speak to the committee other than in response to the objector. Further information on the process for speaking at committee and what happens at the meeting is available at

There are usually a number of applications to be considered by the committee and it may be late in the evening before this application is considered. Once the decision notice on this application has been issued to the applicant you will receive notification of the decision and further details, including a copy of the decision notice, will be available on our website.

To view the process of the application click on the link below:

Click here to view the application details and make your comments.

Planning Control


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