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Roding, Beam and Ingrebourne Catchment Plan (RBI)

The Roding, Beam & Ingrebourne Catchment Partnership is a focused group of local stakeholders who are working together through a Catchment Based Approach (CaBA) to improve the rivers in the Roding, Beam & Ingrebourne Catchment and bring direct on-the-ground benefit to people and wildlife.  The Friends Group is just one of the members of this partnership.  This Catchment Plan sets out the required actions which will seek to improve the physical functioning and condition of the rivers and tributaries within the Roding, Beam & Ingrebourne Catchment, thus benefiting both wildlife and people.  To see the Catchment Plan and Vision Summary, go to our Documents tab and click on the links to see how you can help move this forward.

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How well do you know your drains?

It is very easy to make things disappear down the drain, but have you ever thought about where it all ends up? There is a common misconception that everything you pour or flush away at home ends up in a sewage treatment plant, but that isn’t quite how it works.  If your plumbing at home is incorrect, dirty water could be draining straight into your local river or beach.  As the property owner you are responsible for fixing any faulty drainage connections, even if these were in place prior to you owning the property.

If you do not fix your faulty drains, you’re directly affecting your local environment and could face a fine of up to...£50,000

Please see the leaflets on our Documents page for more information.

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London in Bloom - “Gold Awards”

for Hornchurch Country Park.

Over the last few years, Hornchurch Country Park has been winning Gold Awards in the London in Bloom competition.  This year Hornchurch Country Park won Gold in the Country Park Category and in the Large Conservation Area Category we also won Gold, best of all we were also the winner in this category.

The Friends of Ingrebourne Valley and Hornchurch Country Park would like to thank the Parks Department, Mick Greenslade (Park Ranger) and his apprentices for all their hard work.  We would also like to thank all of the Friends Group volunteers who help the Parks Department and the Rangers in keeping Hornchurch Country Park looking its best throughout the year.

If you would like to help out on our Conservation Work Parties,

please contact: Ray Randall via email: admin@ingrebournevalleyfriends.org

or by phone: 07933-172921



Dear Friends,

On Thursday 29 September 2016, we received notification from Katie Peerless an Inspector appointed by the Secretary of State for Communities and Local Government, that the appeal by Ingrebourne Valley Ltd has been dismissed.

Please see the attached document:

Kind regards.

Jeff Stafford.


Friends of Ingrebourne Valley and Hornchurch Country Park.

Appeal desicion 3023015

Cycle Rides in Hornchurch Country Park

Look at the Events Page for more details.

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