Meeting 22 April 2021

7pm via Zoom


1.   Jeff Stafford (JS), Raymond Randall (RR), Sheila Clarke (SC), Brian Breeze (BB), Stephanie Nunn (SN), Liz Hawthorn (LH), Richard Cottam (RC, LBH Parks)

Apologies for absence: None

JS to contact Jackie Whitelock to ascertain if she wants to remain a committee member.


2.   Minutes of previous meeting and matters arising

The minutes of the previous meeting (18 March 2020) were agreed.

Matters Arising:

Work by Chicane – RC hasn’t had time to look into this yet but will do so.

Catering at Friends Events – RC needs to locate a copy of the agreement with EWT to check the wording.

Other matters arising - To be covered under relevant sections below.


3.   Chair/Vice Chairs reports

Nothing to report


4.   Secretary’s Report

Nothing to report


5.   History Plaques

8 brushed stainless steel plaques have now been purchased; 7 to replace those that were stolen and one sponsored by Guide Dogs to replace the brass Spitfire plaque. RR and LH will affix the new plaques and repair and paint the damaged posts. 7 brass plaques still need replacing.

BB to compose a letter for local businesses, local papers and volunteers inviting them to sponsor a plaque for £100 which will include their name engraved on it.

JS to contact the Community Champion at Tesco to enquire if they would like to sponsor a plaque.


6.   Nature Booklet

JS will contact EWT head office regarding their possible sale of our Nature Booklets.



7.   Finance Report

Balance held £3,619.67

 £1,321.88 is reserved under Capital grants

Balance of unrestricted funds £ 2,297.79

RC to check if last year’s insurance was reclaimed from Council and, if not, is it too late to do so now.

BB to scan and send copy of receipt to RC if we can still claim the money back.


8.   Park Officer’s Report

A training course on Wildlife and Habitat Surveying is being held at Fielders Field, Langton’s on Tuesday 17th August 2021.

RR to send information to volunteers and committee members and collate names of persons wishing to attend to forward to RC and organiser.


9.   Work Parties


There are no Government restrictions on volunteer work parties at this time.

Work parties will restart. There will be less than 6 persons in any group and Social Distancing and hygiene precautions will be adhered to.

RR to write relevant risk assessments.


10.  Website and Communication Report

There is an issue with graphics on the website.

RR will attempt to resolve.


11.  Other Business

Metal Detecting – RR may still use his letter giving him permission but must keep it unobtrusive so as not to encourage other persons.

Land between new housing estate and pathway in park – is privately owned and land locked with no access. RC is not aware of any plans for it.

  • – There is an increase of rats by the viewing point and park users are commenting, and may be feeding them, as they are not afraid. There is concern for possible negative effects on other wildlife. RC will ask the ranger to keep an eye on the situation but there is little that can be done.



Date of Next Meeting – Thursday 3 June 2021 @ 7pm – venue to be confirmed.