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Meeting 02 September 2021

7pm via Zoom


1.   Attendance/Apologies

Present: Jeff Stafford (JS), Raymond Randall (RR), Stephanie Nunn (SN), Sheila Clarke (SC), Brian Breeze (BB), Liz Hawthorn (LH), Richard Cottam (RC) LBH Parks,

Ciaran White (CW) and David Shand (DS) – Havering Mind

Apologies for absence: Jackie Whitelock


2.   Havering Mind Half Marathon

Last held in 2019 as 2020 event was cancelled due to Covid restrictions.

Race starts at 9.30am from Abbs Cross School.

Friends Group to staff a cheering post near EWT Visitors Centre – RR & LH to collect equipment from depot.

SN and Residents Group will bring their own marquee and set up next to Friends.

CW will supply a portable sound system & music, posters and wrapped sweets – RR to collect from Mind Office.

CW requested help was marshalling posts – RR to Email volunteers.

RR to send briefing on Friends Group to CW.

All attending to meet at Squadrons Approach at 9.00 12 September 2021.


3.   Minutes of previous meeting and matters arising

The minutes of the previous meeting (05 August 2021) were agreed.

Matters Arising:

History Trail Plaques and Leaflets

Email was sent to our volunteers re: sponsorship for remaining 2 plaques but nothing has been heard back. Invoice to EWT for supply of 100 leaflets has been sent to SC.

Relationship with EWT

RC has been on leave but still intends to speak to EWT management regarding their relationship with the Friends Group.

History Walk by Havering Museum - RC will have a gentle word regarding following of park procedures.

Bench – Mick Greenslade has not yet been asked if he can help as he has been away. RC/LH to ask if he can provide help to install.

Mink Rafts – no further information received.

Future Meetings – will be held via Zoom for foreseeable future.


4.   Chair/Vice Chairs reports

Chair - see 11. Cycling

Vice Chair – nothing to report.


5.   Secretary’s Report

Nothing to report


6.   Finance Report

Balance held £3,360.16

£1,321.88 is reserved under Capital grants.

Balance of unrestricted funds £ 2,038.28


7.   Park Officer’s Report

1,000 Trees – is at the consultation and planning stage. The area for the proposed memorial woodland in Hornchurch Country Park has been cut to ascertain the condition of the ground.


8.   History Trail

SN said the new plaques look really good and thanked all those involved.

BB has nailed protective covers to 9 of the posts and asked for vehicular help for the remaining 6.

RR will provide BB with transport.


  1. Nature Booklet – Still on hold.


  1. Events - Cheering post at Havering ½ Marathon 12 September.


9.   Cycling

Dr Bike were very busy at their event on 29 August and are planning another in September.

Havering Council have several bikes that were removed from balconies due to fire safety and have not been collected by their owners. JS asked if these could be stored at Albyns Depot. RC will ask Mick Greenslade to check if space is available.


10.   Work Parties


RR stepped down from running work parties due to his health. Dave Bender has agreed to run work parties in future and RR will continue to contact volunteers.

Work Party 29 August - 10 volunteers attended and cleared mud from the chicane and cut back vegetation from the path to the chicane, around the footbridge and from the top path behind the old hospital site.

Door of our storage container had dropped making it difficult to open and impossible to close again. Will look at rectifying this.


11.   Website and Communication Report

Website will be moved to new provider towards the end of September.


12.   Other Business

BB asked that the vegetation around History Post #15 be cut back to make it more visible.


Date of Next Meeting – Thursday 7 October 2021 7pm via Zoom

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