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Minutes of Meeting 04 November 2021

7pm via Zoom


1.   Attendance/Apologies

Present: Jeff Stafford (JS), Raymond Randall (RR), Sheila Clarke (SC), Brian Breeze (BB), Liz Hawthorn (LH), Richard Cottam (RC) LBH Parks

Apologies for absence: None


2.   Minutes of previous meeting

The minutes of the previous meeting (07 October 2021) were agreed.


3.   Matters Arising

Relationship with EWT

RC intends to speak to EWT management regarding their relationship with the Friends Group. Carried forward as RC has not had time to speak to EWT.

History Walk by Havering Museum – RC has contacted regarding following procedures for events held in parks but has had no response back.

EWT have 2 outstanding unpaid invoices for History Leaflets – RR has not had time to contact them but will do so.

Income from the sale of History Leaflets – SC provided the following information:

Nature Booklet – JS has not had time to discuss with Kate Tyler at EWT but will do so.

Insurance Policy – LH sent details to RC but he is not sure if he received them so LH sent again.

Patches of mud – JS, RR and LH have looked at these and don’t believe there is anything to be concerned about.

4.   Chair/Vice Chairs reports


The Friends of Parks meeting has been adjourned until 22 November 2021. JS will attend.

Vice Chair – Email received from Aisling Roberts, Land of the Fanns, regarding River Flies.


5.   Secretary’s Report

Nothing to report


6.   Finance Report

Balance held £3,108.48

£1,321.88 is reserved under Capital grants.

Balance of unrestricted funds £ 1,786.60

Please note that EWT have not paid the two outstanding invoices issued this year although the income is shown in the figures above.

BB has been reimbursed for the last 2 stainless steel plaques.

Invoice from company that printed 1,000 new History Leaflets will be sent directly to SC for payment.


7.   Park Officer’s Report

1,000 Trees project will probably be moved to Albyns Farm end of park because of soil quality.

There is no written dog policy regarding dogs in parks.

Flag post for Green Flag has been installed by children’s play area. Flag will be attached in the near future and an opening ceremony is planned soon after.


8.   History Trail

Dave Bender has 1,000 new leaflets which will be passed to RR.

The last 2 stainless steel plaques have been received by BB. Monies for these are outstanding from RR and Barry Mugglestone.

One of the 2 remaining brass plaques (due to be replaced with a stainless steel plaque) has been stolen from the top of the hill along with a memorial plaque from the adjacent bench.


9.   Nature Booklet – Still on hold.


10.   Events

Dr Bike events will probably restart in March 2022

The cycle bells we have will be given away free.


11.   Cycling – see above


12.   Work Parties


10 volunteers attended the work party on 27 October 2021. Vegetation was cut back from the roads and pathways from Albyns Depot to Albyns Lake and surrounding the lake. .


13.   Website and Communication Report

The website with the new provider will go live within a week.


14.   Other Business


LH and RR to take bench to depot ready to action with assistance from Mick Greenslade.



Date of Next Meeting – should be 2 December 2021

Discussion concerning Christmas get together.

BB would prefer lunchtime.

Please share thoughts/suggestions with JS























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