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Minutes of Meeting 02 March 2023

16:00 via Zoom


1.   Attendance/Apologies

Present: Jeff Stafford (JS), Raymond Randall (RR), Sheila Clarke (SC), Brian Breeze (BB), Liz Hawthorn (LH)

Apologies for absence: Stephanie Nunn (SN), Richard Cottam (RC) LBH Parks


2.   Minutes of previous meeting - Minutes of the previous meeting (2 February 2023) agreed


3.   Matters Arising

River clearance – Zurich Insurance will not cover any work in/on water.

Nature Booklet – See Agenda item 8

Bridge Lips – See Agenda item 11


4.   Chair/Vice Chairs reports – Nothing that is not covered in Agenda


5.   Secretary’s Report – BB has attached the plaque to the bench in the children’s play area and a photograph and short explanation have been added to the website.


6.   Finance Report

Balance held £2,919.51 (BB has been reimbursed for plaque).

£1,321.88 is reserved under Capital grants.

Balance of unrestricted funds £1,597.63


2022 insurance money (£157) not yet received from LBH. RC will chase this up.

Carried forward as RC not at meeting


7.   Park Officer’s Report – None received


8.   Nature Booklet – Dave Bender has received a quote of £370 for 200 leaflets. (£1.85 per leaflet). The professionally printed leaflet looks very good.

EWT has been given a hard copy and a copy on memory stick. We are waiting to hear back. Decision made to order 200 leaflets whatever the decision from EWT


9.   Events and Cycling

      Cycling – The 12 mile Bike Ride on 16 April 2023 is ready to go, except for the fund raising that JS is working on. A poster advertising the event will be available within a week. Aiming for a maximum of 50 riders, divided into 5 groups of 10 each with a ride leader.


10.   Work Parties

Sunday 5 March 2023 10am – clearing blockage in river.

Wednesday 22 March 2023 10am – clearing gulley and banks of Epen with Mick Greenslade.

Bridge Lips – need estimates for materials and equipment.


11.   Other Business – AGM to be arranged in next few months. This will be a face to face meeting. SC will get the finances audited.

Date to be confirmed.



Date of Next Meeting – Thursday 06 April 2023 at 4pm via Zoom.

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