Meeting 05 August 2021

7pm via Zoom


1.   Attendance/Apologies

Present: Jeff Stafford (JS), Stephanie Nunn (SN) Sheila Clarke (SC), Brian Breeze (BB), Liz Hawthorn (LH), Richard Cottam (RC) LBH Parks

Apologies for absence: Raymond Randall (RR),


2.   Minutes of previous meeting and matters arising

The minutes of the previous meeting (01 July 2021) were agreed.

Matters Arising:

History Trail Plaques and Leaflets

BB got a quote for protection for the bottom of the posts – 2 sections made of 2mm plate steel will cost £15 per post. He ordered 15 to protect all the posts at a cost of £225.

Posters advertising the leaflets have been displayed; the leaflets are prominently displayed in the EWT visitors centre and are selling well. EWT requested 100 more leaflets which they have been given and invoiced for. We now have just over 50 left and will need to get more printed soon.

13 out of the 15 brass plaques have now been replaced with stainless steel by RR and LH.

RR to send Email to our volunteers regarding sponsorship of the remaining 2 plaques.

RR to send copy of invoice to SC.

Persons in SSSI area

RC has supplied Mick Greenslade with “No Entry” signs to be displayed on the gates leading to the marshes.

Relationship with EWT

RC will speak to EWT management regarding their relationship with the Friends Group.

Training course on Wildlife and Habitat Surveying

RC has sent information about the training being given by Emma Peters (EWT) on 17 August to LH including Lisa Lock’s (LBH) details as point of contact.


3.   Chair/Vice Chairs reports

Havering Half Marathon - 12 September 2021

JS has not yet heard back from Ciaran White.

SN will ask the Residents Association if they wish to have a gazebo next to the Friends’.

JS to request more details from Ciaran White as we don’t believe unwrapped sweets can be handed out this year due to pandemic.

LH requests that more help be provided on the day especially during set up and take down.


4.   Secretary’s Report

Nothing to report


5.   Finance Report

Balance held £3,550.16

£1,321.88 is reserved under Capital grants.

Balance of unrestricted funds £ 2,228.28


6.   Park Officer’s Report

London in Bloom – results not yet received.

New Sign – to be erected at Albyns Farm entrance in air force blue to match the one at Squadrons Approach.

1,000 Trees – Havering Council are considering creating a memorial arboretum in Hornchurch Country Park to commemorate the victims lost to Covid in Havering. Fewer than 1,000 lives have been lost in Havering to date but more than 1,000 trees will be planted as some trees are expected not to survive.

Green Flag – no further news on the placement of the green flag.

Tett Turret – a Tett Turret has been removed and loaned, on a long-term basis, to the Heritage Centre who will display it and attempt to restore it to working condition.

History Walk – Havering Museum are advertising a history walk, costing £5/person, around the park. RC will look into this as it appears regulations have not been followed.


  1. History Plaques - Covered in matters arising.


  1. Nature Booklet – Still on hold.


7.   Events

No Friends events will be held this year but will have a cheering post at Havering ½ Marathon.




8.   Cycling

Dr Bike had a good response at their latest event in the park and will be holding another one after the August Bank Holiday.


9.   Work Parties


4th July work party was cancelled due to heavy rain.

Another work party will be arranged when Dave Bender and Mick Greenslade return from holidays.


10.   Website and Communication Report

RR not in attendance.


11.   Other Business

Bench - BB asked about the bench that had been bought. LH advised that it was still in its box at her property and that help would be required to install it.

LH and RR were requested to ask Mick Greenslade for assistance.

Mink Rafts – Mink rafts are still in use in HCP to monitor the possible presence of Mink. New rafts may be installed that send an electronic signal if anything enters. JS will request further information.



Date of Next Meeting – Thursday 2 September August 2021.

JS to send an Email asking for opinions on venue and time or Zoom