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Minutes of Meeting 03 February 2022

7pm via Zoom

1.   Attendance/Apologies

Present: Jeff Stafford (JS), Raymond Randall (RR), Sheila Clarke (SC), Brian Breeze (BB), Liz Hawthorn (LH), Richard Cottam (RC) LBH Parks

Apologies for absence: None


2.   Minutes of previous meeting

The minutes of the previous meeting (04 November 2021) were agreed after amending item 4; Aisling Roberts should have been Aisling Woodhead.


3.   Matters Arising

Relationship with EWT

RC intends to speak to EWT management regarding their relationship with the Friends Group. Carried forward as Jonathon and Kate were not at the Visitors Centre when he visited.

EWT 2 outstanding unpaid invoices for History Leaflets – These have now been paid.

Stainless Steel plagues monies outstanding from RR and Barry Mugglestone – RR has paid £100 directly into Friends Account and advised SC by Email. No statement has been received by SC since November so not aware if Barry Mugglestone has paid. RR will contact Barry Mugglestone regarding this.


4.   Chair/Vice Chairs reports


JS attended the Friends of Parks meeting on 22 November 2021 by Zoom and Emailed the minutes to all committee members. Summary below:

  • Official Friends Group status will be reintroduced from 1st April 2022.

  • Funding for projects (up to £1,000) will also be reintroduced.

  • There were not many Friends of Parks groups in attendance and JS did not receive any feedback regarding lack of insurance when working in water. RC will ask James Rose if parks could cover this.

  • 4 Daytime Tactical Enforcement officers are employed in LBH parks. 2 have powers of arrest; the other 2 can only issues fines but may be given the power of arrest later.

  • It is already an offence, subject to an £80 fine or up to £1,000 fine if the case is taken to Court, not to clean up dog faeces from a dog you are in charge of in a park or public space. LBH are looking to introduce a PSPO (Public Space Protection Order) to cover all Havering parks which should make the process simpler.

  • 10 year park strategy is still being worked on by James Rose.


Vice Chair

  • Work on the Memorial Woodland is due to start on 14 February 2022. RR to contact Becky Gibson from Thames Chase, who is overseeing arrangements, to arrange dates/times for our volunteer workers to assist in tree planting.

  • Green Flag official raising ceremony is scheduled for 11.50am, Friday 4th March. RR to Email committee members and volunteers inviting them to attend.


5.   Secretary’s Report

Nothing to report


6.   Finance Report

Balance held £2,903.48

£1,321.88 is reserved under Capital grants.

Balance of unrestricted funds £ 1,581.60

Invoice for 1,000 new History Leaflets has been paid.

N.B. statement from bank has not been received since November 2021 so may not take into account monies paid in by RR. SC requested to obtain up to date statement.


7.   Park Officer’s Report

A Rewilding grant has been applied for to fund work on Marsh 4 including new fencing for cattle which help to stop the marshes being taken over by trees/shrubs. The same farmer that supplies the cattle also cuts the grass in the park which is used as hay for the cattle.


8.   History Trail

The new updated leaflets have been received and the first 100 have been supplied to EWT together with an invoice.


9.   Nature Booklet


JS will try to speak to EWT regarding selling this.


10.   Events

Parks are allowing events again. Committee to give this some thought.

Langtons are considering a Dog Show.

Squadrons Scramble will take place in HCP 14/15 July.

An orienteering event is planned for a week later in HCP.


11.   Cycling


Dr Bike likely to start again after Easter.


12.   Work Parties


Only the Memorial Woodland tree planting planned so far.

RR will speak to Mick Greenslade regarding any other work he may suggest.


13.   Website and Communication Report

New website is live and running:

Mobile phone website requires further work.


14.   Other Business



Date of Next Meeting – 3 March 2022, 7pm via Zoom.

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