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Minutes of Meeting 08 December 2022

16:00 via Zoom

1.   Attendance/Apologies

Present: Jeff Stafford (JS), Raymond Randall (RR), Sheila Clarke (SC), Brian Breeze (BB), Stephanie Nunn (SN), Liz Hawthorn (LH), Richard Cottam (RC) LBH Parks

Apologies for absence: None


2.   Minutes of previous meeting - Minutes of the previous meeting (20 October 2022) agreed


3.   Matters Arising

Nature Booklet – Still to be handed to JS

Duke of Edinburgh Award Scheme – drop as too long ago to include on website.

Wildflower Garden around Roundel – RC will add to list for wild flower seeding and let us know the date when it will be done.

Thames 21 river clearance risk assessment – RR has given up chasing Thames 21. LH will contact our insurance company, Zurich, and ask how much extra it will cost to include work in/on the river. LBH would be willing to pay the extra providing it is not too much.

Wind Turbine – on Albyns Lake is working.

Bikes – one bike is being given to a Wennington resident affected by the fire tomorrow.

Bike maintenance course - there is no external funding available for this. JS will check on costs to ascertain if we can fund it ourselves.

Shopping trolley and trees – have been removed from the weir. RC will ask Mick Greenslade to check on the reported trolley by the concrete bridge.


4.   Chair/Vice Chairs reports – Nothing to report


5.   Secretary’s Report – Official Friends Group status applied for and has been awarded to Friends of IVHCP. There are certain criteria that we promise to abide by and benefits that LBH will provide. LH will send information to committee members.

Official Friends meeting is at 6pm, 25th January 2023 at the Town Hall. JS will attend.

Please send any items for the agenda to JS or LH. Event management will be discussed.

The bench purchased by Friends of IVHCP has been installed in the children’s play area.


6.   Finance Report

Balance held £2,955.01

£1,321.88 is reserved under Capital grants. This must be used for the benefit of the park.

Balance of unrestricted funds £1,633.13


Receipt for £157 passed to LBH, for 2022 insurance money.


7.   Park Officer’s Report

Avian Flu – approx. 36 birds have been lost across the borough, mainly young swans, ducks and geese. Most have been lost from Harrow Lodge Park but HCP has also been affected. It appears to have settled down now, maybe due to the cold weather. People are asked not to feed the waterfowl so they don’t transfer the disease to other areas on their footwear.

Play Area - RC is looking at submissions for play area improvements. The zip wire will be removed as it is frequently damaged and out of use. The climbing net and other equipment will be repaired.

Bridge lips – Lips have developed by 2 bridges making access difficult for bike riders and wheelchair users. Mick should be able to repair the one on the park side of the green bridge using concrete. The one in Hacton Parkway requires the use of hot tarmac and RC is trying to find a company willing to undertake the work.


8.   Nature Booklet – JS to collect from RR.

Price – RR has received one quote from Kallkwik and will ask Dave Bender if he can obtain a better quote.


9.   Events – JS is arranging a circular family bike ride from HCP, using safe routes, on Sunday 16 April 2023, to raise funds for the Mayor’s charities (PTSD999 which supports those serving, retired and volunteering in the emergency services that are experiencing PTSD and Mardyke Youth and Community Centre).

Friends of IVHCP to run a stall at the start/finish point.


10.   Cycling – see Bikes in Matters Arising and Events above.


11.   Work Parties – will restart in the New Year.


12.   Quarry Proposal – No formal planning application has been received.

There were concerns that Lodge Farm, which was due to be auctioned, may become an extension of the proposed quarry but is no longer being auctioned.


13.   Other Business - None


Date of Next Meeting – Thursday 12 January 2023 at 4pm via Zoom.


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